Animator Loundraw Announces Short Film Project Common

The animator and illustrator Loundraw Announced that an animated short film is in production for a multimedia project titled Project Common. The artist said he will reveal more details about it soon.

Project Common

Project Common's theme is "expressing the true Loundraw." The illustrator mentioned: β€œImmutable at any time, I want to be firm. This project is a challenge to find the real me, with me and with everyone ”. The official site includes the slogan "Real or false? The way he thinks, the way he draws. All of this becomes one. ”

The illustrators and creators of the studio founded by Loundraw, Flat Studio, including the novelist Tetsuya Sano, are contributing to this new project. Reoen, Merrill Macnaut, Tomotaka Wakumoto, asano66 and banishment production team KotsuKotsu They are also listed in production.

Loundraw founded Flat Studio in January 2019. He and the studio collaborated on producing the animation for two commercials for LINE Novel in April 2019. Individually, he participated in the character designs for the anime Tsuki ga Kirei, and also participated in the character designs and cover illustration of the novel written by Yoru Sumino, Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai.

Source: ANN



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