The animator and illustrator Loundraw revealed the details of the previously revealed animated short for the multimedia project Project together. The short film bears the title Summer spirit And it's set to premiere in Japan this year, in addition to this renowned animator's directorial debut.

Z-Kai worked on the production of the short film during the realization of the "conceptual video" with the title "Ichibai Chikakute Tooi Hoshi”(The most distant star). Loundraw was the director, producer, character designer, animation director, art director, cameraman, and editor of the short film.

The subject of Project together is "express the true loundraw». The illustrator stated in July 2020: «I am unchangeable at all times and want to find my fixed self. This project is a challenge to find the real "Loundraw" with me and everyone». The project website contains the text «Real or fake? How he thinks, how he draws. They all become "one"».

The illustrators and creators of Flat Studio founded by Loundraw, including the writer Tetsuya Sano, contribute to the project. Reoen, Merrill Macnaut, Tomotaka Wakumoto, asano66 and some retired members of the production team Kotsu Kotsu They also take part. Eventually Loundraw founded the new animation studio, Flat studio in January 2019. He and the studio worked together to produce two animated ads for the service LINE novel which debuted in April 2019.

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