In February, Marvel Comics will begin releasing Fantastic Four: Reckoning War, an event that, while starring the first House of Ideas family, it will encompass the entire Marvel multiverse. The announcement was accompanied by a trailer showing the main protagonists of the story and anticipating the destruction of the moon.

Fantastic Four: Reckoning War will be a saga written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco and Carlos Magno. The first chapter of the story Fantastic Four Reckoning War Alpha # 1 will debut on February 2, 2022. The story proposed by Slott has its roots in the past of the Marvel Universe and will fish out an ancient threat.

"When I was eight, I read one particular Marvel comic that impressed me in particular"says Slott."It made me think, 'If this happens, and that happens, the entire Marvel Universe could be in danger.' Everything would have been in danger if this conflict had come back, and so I've waited since I was eight years old, but no one has ever brought it back. And that made me happy. The Reckoning War is the answer I can finally give to the eight year old's question: what if these guys come back? It's chaos, madness ... the struggle of life. This is my Star Wars".

Together with the trailer, Marvel Comics has also made some preview pages availablethat we propose below. Reckoning War begins around the same time as the release of Fantastic Four # 42, in which a member of the Fantastic Four is killed by a teammate. We also remember that a graphic novel of the Fantastic Four by Alex Ross is due to be released in August 2022.

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