Last week, Panini Comics accidentally opened pre-orders for the Naruto Steelbox, a new exclusive edition of the Kishimoto manga that was originally scheduled to launch in May 2021. Today the publisher confirmed that all orders placed are considered valid. Maximum of five copies per customer.

Panini Comics has confirmed that the orders will be held as it is a mistake by the publisher However, shipping will begin on May 11, 2021, the date the comic will officially be available to everyone. If you bought other comics along with the Steelbox, you still have to wait for May to receive it as the order will be sent all at once.

Panini explained that too Naruto's steel box was put up for sale at a falsely discounted priceand that the price will be different at launch. However, anyone who has already bought the product will no longer have to pay any money as the publisher has acknowledged that this was an internal mistake. It is also possible to get a full refund by contacting the appropriate office and opting out of shipping.

We remind you that Naruto's new steel box is part of the series The best of the planet manga, and that probably won't be the last we can get our hands on. Before saying goodbye, we recommend checking out some of the best Planet Manga releases slated for 2021.

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