The firefighters of fire department You are certainly something special. In fact, they possess abilities to manipulate fire, a possibility that arises when, rather than becoming the Infernals, they manage to control their own bodies and awaken these abilities. Of course, these are not all the same, as they change from generation to generation.

If the infernals are the ones believed to be of the first generation, those of the second and third are the ones who managed to harness the Force and for which they are perfect Join the squads of firefighters. In the third generation, there is not only the protagonist: many members a few years older also have these powers, which allow the generation of flames in order to exploit high-level or long-range attacks.

Into this generation falls Hibana, a woman who was also a division captain and creates fire with her own fan. The woman has a troubled past that makes her very cynical and even vindictive, so she tends to make a lot of infernals showing off her skills. Megumi made a Flaming Hibana Cosplaycomplete with a fan, which you can watch below.

A few months have passed since the end of the Fire Force manga, but it is also known that the characters will return in animated form thanks to the already announced third season of Fire Force.

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