After convincing the Mizukage with his Talk no Jutsu in Boruto 252, in Episode 253 of the anime series, the Son of the Seventh Hokage also tries to convince Ikada. If he changed his old friend's mind, the war between the Funato clan and the Village of Mist would finally end.

Thanks to the small ship borrowed from Master Kajiki, Team 7 encounters Ikada in Boruto 253. However, the new leader of the pirate army immediately demonstrates his intentions for war destroying his old man's ship.

Climb aboard the gigantic ship of Funato, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki They are surrounded by pirates. However, the Leaf's ninja's intention is not to fight, but to instill peace. Ikada and Araumi reluctantly listen to what the young shinobi has to say.

Boruto tries to convince Ikada remember their past and his dream, but Seiren's death has left an irretrievable mark on the boy, who now sees nothing but war. Tired and angry from the pointless conversation, Ikada ends up beating up his former friend.

If the Mobile Fortress of the Funato Sail the seas again, ready to do soinstruct the Shinonome-1 With his chakra cannon, the situation seems to be drifting. Boruto makes one last desperate attempt, but at this point he also meets the late Funamushi Funato's young son.

Finally, Ikada taunts enemies with an unacceptable suggestion: he will withdraw his men if Boruto brings him the head of Mizukage Chojuro. Konoha's blond ninja declines, but makes the proposal again. The life it walks on will be his. To stop this cycle of hate, Boruto is willing to make sacrifices in episode 254.

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