From the world of manga to the world of fashion magazines. This is the strange story of the illustrator of The Promised Neverland, Posuka Demizu, who did the cover for the November issue of Spur.

The manga-style artwork shows a smiling girl Walk on a street made of broken glass. According to Demizu, this picture would be the subject of the "Reach a new world after breaking through the glass ceiling".

"It was a new challenge"he said in an interview. β€œI think I was able to portray a mature woman who has some energy. I don't usually treat that. I made sure to bring out the colors of the rainbow in her dress and the sheen of the cover. To put it in The Promised Neverland, this one Dame represents a compromise between Emma and Isabella. ". Still standing at the moment, The Promised Neverland will return with the third light novel.

The dress designed by Demizu is not the result of an invention. The dress is part of the Hermès Fall / Winter 2020-2021 collection. The magazine that celebrates the 21st anniversary of Spur, will arrive in Japanese kiosks on September 23 and becomes a coveted collector's item for fans.

In fact in number The feature film "Power of Manga" will be included, a collaboration between eight mangaka. In addition to Demizu, there will be other artists showing the latest fashions, and special stickers will be provided with the number. Let's enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime recording of The Promised Neverland while we wait to admire the new track release.

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