Among the hundreds of species Pokémon Eevee undoubtedly appeared in the franchise series and video games created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996 and is certainly one of the wearable monsters that longtime fans are most attached to that has seen several changes over the years.

Thank you the instability of its genetic codeIn fact, the little fox can take different forms when exposed to certain elemental stones, or when trained during the day or night, or when in certain places at the time of leveling up.

We are one of the most popular developments VaporeonWater-type Pokémon have appeared since the first video games and the first animated implementation. Artist Chris Masna wanted to remember this particular form of Eevee by creating a 3D model that depicts a realistic vaporeon after capturing a Magikarp.

As you can see in the fan mail posted at the bottom of the news, this is the The rendering of the model is incredibly detailedand incorporates some of the typical conformations of the original Vaporeon design, such as: B. the tail, which resembles that of a mermaid. What do you think of this cute homage to one of the fans' favorite Pokémon? Let us know with a comment below.

Recall that Charizard met Spyro in a beautiful fanart and we'll leave you to the new key art of the Pokémon Coco movie.

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