Along with Ash Ketchum, historic team Rocket, Jessie, James and Meowth also prepare to bid farewell to viewers Pokemon after 25 years of misadventures to catch Pikachu. The lack of a team of antagonists won't be felt, however, as new villains were introduced in next season's final promotional video.

Called the"explorerCharacterized by a dominance of black and purple colors in their design, this mysterious group consists initially of Amenthyo, the leader, Zir and Conia, as well as a mysterious little monster who wears a suit that makes him appear like one Nidorina, Gurumin. Amethyo is accompanied by Ceruledgeone of the exclusive Pokémon of the purple version of the last Pokémon games, while Zir and Conia will have by their side respectively Rhydon and Golduck, pocket monsters known long before they reach the shores of Paldea.

In addition to their detailed character designs, of which you can find the images at the bottom of the news, the original voice actors have also been confirmed: Amenthyo is voiced by Shun Horie by Rent-a-Girlfriend, while Kohsuke Tanabe and Arisa Shida will play Zir and Conia. To voice the mysterious Pokemon Gurumin, likely a Pawmo or Pawmot, will be Yoshino Aoyama instead.

Given the group's name, we can assume that Liko and Roy meet the explorers on several occasions of their adventure and that they are somehow involved in the quest for the rare artifacts linked to the fate of the protagonists, namely the gem and the special Pokeball. And what do you think of these new Pokémon villains? Tell us in the comments.

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