The fight with the main antagonist of the work was settled with Crawler's victory, which sent Vigilante My Hero Academia - Illegals towards the final chapter. Before concluding, however, author Hideyuki Furuhashi must solve this mystery Bond between Koichi and All For One.

Number 6 ended its existence after a long struggle that even resulted in the intervention of Japan's best Pro Heroes. After some time after this clash, the protagonist of Vigilante is ready to make his debut as a hero, not Vigilante anymore. However, there is one Mystery remained unsolved.

Throughout the fight, All For One watched and studied both Crawler and Number 6 with great interest. Manifestation of mysterious incorporeal entitiesthey have powerups.

Koichi, was led byAppearance on a parallel plane of existence by Vigilante Knuckleduster, while Number 6 comes from its creator All For One. These two "ghosts" even fought each other and then disappeared to an unknown location. This was originally thought to be the soul of a dying Knuckleduster, but it isn't as the man is still alive.

What happened is not exactly clear. It's not the first time we've seen such apparitions dream creature. In the original work, Midoriya actually spoke to the remains of One For All, including that of Toshinori Yagi, who unlike his predecessors is still alive. However, this could be traced back to the Quirks' singularity, a theory that absolutely cannot be traced back to Knuckleduster and All For One. That mysterious spiritual connection between these characters everything is yet to be explained. And you, what ideas do you have for the story?

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