Eden zero has now reached almost 200 chapters, and despite the cold and controversial reception that the anime produced by the JC Staff studio received, some characters seem to have conquered a segment of the public and, as usual, Hiro Mashima regularly tries to dedicate some artworks to them alternatively.

A few days before Sister Ivry's sensual artwork, Mashima decided to pay homage to another of the Demon King's four shining stars: hermit million. As a 12-year-old in appearance, Hermit is a rather unique robot with a sad past and the computer skills derived from the Aether Gear Master Code extraordinary enough to consider the best hacker in the world.

Taking the original design as a reference, especially as far as the face and some special gadgets are concerned, However, Mashima wanted to portray her in a never-before-seen outfitas you can see in the post he shared on social media and reported at the bottom of the news.

Instead of the classic white and blue jumpsuit, Hermit wears a red dress with gold edging that reveals some of his robot parts. Let us know what you think about this artwork in the comments. Finally, we leave you our review of the first season of Eden's Zero available on Netflix.

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