Spy x Family: The domain registered too, only the anime’s announcement missing?

Although we don't talk about it that much in the West Spy x familyTetsuya Endo's manga is certainly one of the most promising in the current Japanese publishing landscape. In fact, the series is very successful in Japan, which seems to culminate in the long-awaited anime adaptation.

A little more than a month separates the fans from the start of Jump Festa 2021, the most important event for the Japanese publisher. Between December 19th and 20th There will be interesting news for anime and manga fans as some important announcements are expected. Among the titles in question, one of the first rows is studded with the jewel by Endo Sensei. Spy x familywho will enjoy a very special panel for the occasion.

An anime adaptation has been in the pipeline for months, but so far we have not received any official confirmation. However, it seems that this wait will soon end Shuieshain the last few hours quietly opened a new domain, the same can be traced via the link to the source. The wording of the domain seems to leave no doubt, but we encourage you to keep the craze at bay until next month, until we discover the true identity of this project in the pipeline.

And instead, are you eagerly waiting for the Spy x Family anime to debut? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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