The world of Pokémon started with video games and then moved on to anime and manga. The television show in particular has suffered numerous censorships in the course of its history. The Team Rocket censors and Misty's boobs went viral.

If the anime, which for many foreign adapters had to be aimed at children and therefore could not contain certain references, is full of these complaints, video games are no less. In the US edition of Pokémon diamond and pearl Some fans have found a completely different adaptation than the original in terms of an alleged physical relationship between humans and Pokémon.

Alla Canalave City LibraryIn Sinnoh, the player is confronted with some volumes of world history and the Pokémon. In English, the translation stated that Pokémon and humans were very close together, enough to eat at the same table. However, one fan decided to take the same phrase in Japanese and translate it much more literally: "Once there were Pokémon who married people. There were once people who married Pokémon. It was once a normal practice because Pokémon and humans were the same".

This phrase can obviously hide different meanings and not only refer to an alleged sexual relationship between humans and pocket beings. Have you ever heard of this censorship?

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