In 1997, the Pokémon anime began with young Satoshi - our beloved Ash Ketchum - leaving Biancavilla in the company of a Pikachu, who was far from inclined to follow him, but who would quickly become one of the closest allies and famous couples the anime world. More than 1200 episodes later, her glittering career comes to an end.

In fact, in Japan, the time has come for the final episode of Pokémon before Liko and Roy become the actual protagonists. What happens in the last episode of Pokémon with Ash and Pikachu as protagonists? Here are the main events that took place in the 1232nd episode of Pokémon and the 147th of the Pokémon Exploration series, as well as the eleventh and final episode of Pokémon: Aim to be a Pokémon Master Bracket.

  • Misty and Brock say goodbye to the protagonist and return to their homes, Cerulean City and Pewter City, respectively.
  • Ash does the same and returns to Pallet Town, the place where his journey began, but there he meets Tracey and Gary again.
  • Tracey's Venonat has since evolved into a Venomoth.
  • The Team Rocket trio, who broke up a few episodes ago, are reunited.
  • Ash reunites with his Pidgeot, released in an early series, who joins his new team.
  • Ash leaves Pallet Town to continue his journey in the sign of a new rainbow, in an avenue of trees between pink cherry blossom petals, symbol of a new spring and a new beginning.

In the finale, instead of "To Be Continued," the words "In the next episode... a new begin!" This confirms the final end of Ash's journey and the handover to Liko and Roy, the next protagonists of the Pokémon series. Who knows if Ash found the answer to the question "what does it mean to be a Pokémon Master" in this episode, ending his anime career with a flourish.

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