Author Gege Akutami has been taking some breaks for lately take a rest from working on jujutsu kaisen. However, these short stops were not enough for the mangaka to fully recover, which is why the Weekly Shonen Jump Jujutsu Kaisen imposed a long stop.

The gesture of the Shueisha publishing house did not go unnoticed. In recent years the magazine has allowed more and more writers and manga to take a week or two off at certain times, but with the Kentaro Miura case, attention to the problem of overwork seems to have exploded again.

Because of this, the editors' ban on Jujutsu Kaisen was greatly appreciated by the public, which made it clear that the same editors care about the health of their authors. In addition to the many fans from all over the world, a well-known mangaka also intervened on the topic: Ken Akamatsu, famous for Negima and UQ Holder.

The author left a message on his Twitter account: "Unlike Sunday and Magazine, Weekly Shonen Jump has no idol on the cover. This means that mangakas have more work to do. Also, the magazine has long accepted that mangakas were taken long breaks. But Jump always had that 'no break' atmosphere. So it's really great that the Jump editors gave the writer a long break. "

Akamatsu also appreciated the editors' gesture that they seem to want to change the manga production methodology in the future, and Jujutsu Kaisen might be first on the list.

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