Driven by hatred and thirst for revenge and power, Sasuke Uchiha gave up all his connections and the leaf village. However, after a long journey, the ninja decided to be a hero. Despite what one might expect The credit is not Narutos.

Sasuke Shinden: The teacher's novel "Star Pupil" finally revealed why Sasuke Uchiha he chose the way of salvation;; surprisingly, the credit isn't his eternal rival, Naruto.

At the end of Masashi Kishimoto's work, Sasuke rediscovered the path of light after a final fight with Naruto and got rid of all the resentment and hatred it carried. But as the new novel shows, Sasuke should hug Konoha again It is certainly not due to the Seventh Hokage.

In Sasuke Shinden: The Teacher's Star Student, Sasuke continues to train Boruto, explaining that the ninja world is going through a complex phase of change. Konoha is slowly establishing itself as one of the most advanced countries, thanks to the construction of new facilities and scientific research, and lives in the meantime a prosperous era of peace. As Sasuke himself revealed, this is the dream Itachi wanted to make come true.

Itachi slaughtered the Uchiha clan and, painful as it was to accept, Sasuke just to make this dream come true finally understood this vision. The seventh Hokage managed to create the utopia Itachi wanted: to create a world in which ninja could live in peace, far from war.

In contrast to characters like Itachi or Kakashi, the new generation of the Leaf Village can live in complete serenity and Sasuke is grateful to be able to make his contribution to his brother's world he sacrificed his life. Therefore, we can learn from the pages of the novel that it is the words and will of Itachi that changed Sasuke's psyche profoundly. What do you think of the character of Itachi? According to a new theory, Naruto's strongest character is not him. Also don't miss this seductive Naruto cosplay.

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