Kentaro Miura has kept us busy several times and is excited to see what we will read in the next chapter of Berserk. On Instagram, an artist used his talent to transform Gatsu into a demonic apostle after receiving the "gift" of the hand of God.

Berserk is back in the spotlight after the unveiling of the first announcements of the Berserk The New Beginning special event, which will see the famous manga as the protagonist of an exhibition and the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to create a full version of Zodd. Then what better time to look for some spectacular Berserker fan art?

The artist Dark Lord Studios He drew Gatsu as if he were part of the apostles. In the Berserker universe, the apostles are people who have a "bejelit", a magical pendant that can bring the owner into contact with the hand of God, an evil group of arch demons. In this fanart, Gatsu followed in Griffith's footsteps, accepted the "blessings" of the hand of God and became a demonic entity.

Fans following the latest version of the anime are waiting to see what the future of the Black Warrior holds at the moment as there has been no news lately about when Gatsu and the Team of hawks You will return to our screens.

The manga continued to release instead, albeit with many pauses, but the story seems to be nearing its end after Skull Knight revealed that Gatsu is close to his "final game." It may be years before we see the end of the famous manga, but we are sure that Miura is working on the series and bringing the series to a close. For now, the release date of Chapter 362 has been announced by Berserk.

What do you think of this version of Berserk?

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I created this illustration of the mighty guts after becoming an apostle! with the berserk armor he melted into his body and was ruled by madness. He rests his anger on a throne and watches his trophy. #gutsberserk #gutoso #gutsandlove #gutsberserk #berserkmangapanels #berserkmangafanboy #sketch #sketc #sketchtattoo #griffiti #berserkmeme # ベ ル γ‚» ル γ‚―

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