We have entered the phase of clash with Kaido, of which we do not yet know how it will proceed. At the moment, all forces of both sides are in play and for this reason great battles await us in the next chapters ONE PIECE. But we still have to wait a few days before we find out how these will develop.

We presented our predictions on ONE PIECE 988, the first chapter where Kaido will really be in action in combat during this clash in Onigashima. After endless skirmishes with his subordinates, the Red Sheaths are actually in the dome of Onigashima, facing the draconian version of the emperor. But Nekomamushi announces that there are Mink waiting to take advantage of its sulong shape.

However, a fan decided on one funny fan art with ONE PIECE 988 spoilers, obviously wrong. Kaido is based on Dragon Ball and starts an attack that destroys the moon and destroys the mink's ability to transform. In the picture below we see this scene in which all the red scabbards are stunned by the blow, but there is also another character who returns in surprise after this destruction.

The Character is Ener we met on Skypea, the historical saga of ONE PIECE and told decades ago by Oda. He, too, is shocked by the destruction of the moon, which he had long desired. Would you like it if Chapter 988 of ONE PIECE took such a turn?

Whatever move he makes, Kaido's dominance could soon end.

Chapter 988 Leaking Spoilers from r / OnePiece

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