In this year's ninth issue of the magazine Gessan from the publisher Shogakukan It has been announced that the manga will be written and illustrated by Mitsuru Adachi, Mixresumes on October 12th in the eleventh issue of the magazine.

The manga had been on an indefinite hiatus since May due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which prevented Adachi from working with his assistants. For his part, Adachi began publishing the manga in Gessan magazine from Shogakukan as a sequel to the manga in 2012 Touch. The publisher published the 16th compiled volume on February 12th.

The piece inspired a 24-episode anime adaptation produced by the studios. Oriental light and magic (OLM) Headed by Odahiro Watanabe and scripts written by Kouji Nagai, published April 2019.

Mix synopsis

The story takes place in the same preparatory school of Meisei Gakuen, scene of the touch manga, but 26 years later in chronological order. Like the manga mentioned above, Mix revolves around two brothers and baseball as the main theme, as well as the latter's impact on their relationship and future.

Source: ANN

ยฉ ใ‚ ใ  ใก ๅ…… (ใ‚ค ใƒฉ ใ‚น ใƒˆ) / SHOGAKUKAN ๅฐๅญฆ ้คจ


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