Ash Ketchum's career as a Pokémon trainer began long ago in the small town of Pallet Town. Since then, the protagonist has managed to overcome many difficulties and achieve extraordinary results. Former Alola Champion and now World Champion, Ash seems to have found the perfect ending to his story Pokemon: Explorations.

The amazing climb made throughout World Coronation SeriesFacing old acquaintances to retrace the adventures of the past and the journeys made together with Goh through all the already known regions could be a farewell to the historical protagonist of the Pokémon anime that has accompanied generations of fans over the course of 25 years.

However, it would be difficult to replace Ash, who has now become a true icon of the brand along with his Pikachu, the protagonist of the final fight with Dandel's Charizard. Gooda character introduced last season could take on such an important role and perhaps continue his own Researching and studying Pokémon that are difficult to find and catch. What do you think about it? Do you think Ash will give up his role now that he's champion? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, we remind you that two episodes of the Mew Project have been confirmed and leave you with the words of Ash's voice actress about the future of the trainer.

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