The Knights of the Zodiac: revealed the splendid figures of Ikki of the Phoenix

Among the many works that over the course of these long years have managed to impose themselves with great force on the market, there is also the unforgettable epic of The Zodiac Knights, a brand that thanks to the hard work of Masami Kurumada has been able to conquer the public with a paper production and subsequently with an anime adaptation.

The franchise has always remained on the crest of the wave and this has translated into an endless succession of themed products, including anime, spin-offs, films, video games and much more, all designed to keep a huge fan base engaged which he never missed the opportunity to praise the production with cosplay and fanart often made with great attention.

Given the success, many companies have often tried their luck with the creation of themed gadgets that could capture the interest of the most avid fans, companies including Fairyland Studio, recently ended up in the spotlight for having partnered with TPA just for the realization of a themed figures The Knights of the Zodiac. The wait has been quite long, but the company has finally revealed its product - viewable in the images placed at the bottom of the news -, a splendid statuette 50cm high and depicting Ikki of the Phoenix with his splendid armor and surrounded by the flames of a beautiful phoenix. The product is characterized by a large amount of details and is currently pre-orderable for a cost of 306 euros - not counting shipping costs -, while the release is currently set between October and December 2020.

Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that an incredible statue of The Knights of the Zodiac had been presented in the last few months and specifically dedicated to Virgo.

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