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Final Chapter: Apprentice

Art culminates the family portraits, having to make a decision; stay or leave. He has a brief conversation with Matei, who apologizes to him. This conversation makes Arte realize that he must accept what is, for this reason he rejects Yuri's offer, he decides not to insist. Katalina and Arte become friends and promise to send each other letters. Arte arrives in Florence and finds out that Leo is ill, but well, so he decides to finish the work that left him stagnant. After receiving help from the other apprentices, the mural is completed and inaugurated. Leo accepts her again and Arte has a reconciliation with her mother.

Chapter opinion

Some have to think that ART is not limited to any place, that it is universal, that anywhere it will be recognized as such. Duchamp implanted new paradigms in artistic theory, with which we asked ourselves, what is art? Another derivative is: how can we see art? This anime has touched Renaissance art, but should we see it as European art or only as a Japanese interpretation of art from that time? An innocent eye may think that the Renaissance was like that, as shown, but it is far away.

Art It tells us a story, which culminates today, which takes place in a specific time and geographic location, in Florence it begins and in Florence it ends, everything returns to the place. An emotional end, but one that still has its speed slices, on a path that will never be trodden again, as Art is making its way by walking. The end is conclusive, however the portrait is not finished.

End of work

Art completed the portraits of the Falier family, with the finished paintings the contract would also be completed, which took longer than expected. They do not specify the time, but it was more than the initial six months. How long will it have been from the previous chapter to this one? The treatment of time in anime is very curious. Arte more than fulfilled his works: he educated and made Katalina better in the environment where she lives, in addition to having painted all the members of the family. And it seems incredible that he still has a deal with Mr. Malta, after everything he said. Now Arte must consider Yuri's proposal, considering the sadness that it can bring to Katalina.


Matei goes to visit Arte to apologize and accept the mistake he made, because he understood how hard the words could have been. This talk and the one he had with Katalina helped him understand that he should not change who he was, but rather that he should be accepted, that she is like that for everything that happened and received. In the end, it is not necessary to change who we are, but to demonstrate what we are and to assert ourselves. External things that we do not ask for (such as birth) are things that formed us for better or worse, to deny your luck is to deny who you are and as long as your self is not in balance and at peace with your self, you can never improve or be happy despite doing something you like. A lovely lesson that Art leaves. While he seemed to be on the path of change and denial, he ended up on the path of acceptance.

Rejection of the offer

Conversing with Yuri again, Arte declines the offer, only with clearer motives and a new mindset. She no longer rejects him because it is a job they gave her for being noble, no longer, but on the contrary: she rejects it because she accepted her value for being noble and a woman. You don't want to be like a man, you want to be better as a woman. After giving her the explanation (and telling her that she will find new and better clients) Yuri laughs and understood that he could not fight her, so she only withdraws the offer and wishes her luck, in her own way. Before leaving, Arte goes to talk to Katalina, with her little student, whom she asks to be friends. Friendship is a slightly stronger bond than that of tutor and student (at least in Western societies), so with this he implies: we are equal. It is an emotional moment, also because he thanked the girl for the advice. A hug was missing, but the forms must be kept to the end


This is one of the fastest and least liked parts of the chapter. Despite the fact that Katalina told her that she does not like goodbyes, it seems impossible to think that she did not go to see her off, the same for Yuri. Even inside the home, Mrs. Sofia and Daphne were able to have an emotional farewell. It is disconcerting, because it could have been a very useful material, although it is understood that times are tyrants.

Then we see Art scenes on the way to Florence, we see her at the door of Leo's house, she enters and does not see Leo, Darcia appears from behind and tells her that Leo is sick and at Ubertino's house (unbreakable ties). Arte quickly goes there and after a few “sweet” words from the merchant, he calms down and knows it will improve. This is where Ubertino shows him the mural that must be finished for Easter, Arte asks to take responsibility and heads day and night to complete what his teacher started.

You reap what you sow

Art in his walk to overcoming managed to make obstacles become allies. Art was always kind and always showed that it can fend for itself, this earned her the respect and recognition of workshop masters and their apprentices, who surprisingly arrive (Darcia must have commented on the arrival of Art, most likely) to offer her a hand, at a time when Art actually needed it.

Art is someone who makes you want to help, not out of pity or for being a woman, no, but because it is a sun that shines giving joy. That sun when it is about to go out, must be encouraged with more energy so that it does not darken. Good people want to help, regardless of gender and what they think, as long as we are open and that person too, as long as we are willing to accept the other, will always want to help a person who tries hard.

End of one path, beginning of another

Art, with everyone's help, managed to complete the mural. And suddenly, out of nowhere, without warning, the teacher Leo arrives and who, as if nothing had changed, corrects the mistakes of his student, but ends with: you have not missed your stay. This, as simple as it may seem, shows Arte that things have not changed between her and her teacher.

When the mural is inaugurated for Easter, different people arrive, incredibly also the mother of Art (apparently they communicated) and thus the most anticipated reunion of all Florence united occurs. Her mother tells her that she is doing it, which is a way to recognize her mistake. Arte tells her that all the people she appreciates are painted on the mural. In this way, the curtain closes until that fine.

I waited for this adaptation, I was not disappointed, but I do not consider it to be the best in the anime, several unexplained parts, some characters included without presentation, very fortuitous moments and a rushing certain moments. Even so, the emotionality is felt, the plot of Art is well carried, they encouraged focusing on the protagonist and I loved the final message of acceptance. If you liked the anime, I recommend reading the manga, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.


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