The franchise of Castlevania has repeatedly come into the spotlight thanks to various productions designed to restore vitality to a brand that can count on a very rich fan base, works of all kinds including, of course, the much talked about and discussed animated series by Natflix.

The opera, in fact, managed to convince a good portion of the audience in its first two seasons, but with the third, the users found themselves at least divided between those who enjoyed general work and those who, on the other hand, didn't find much to be happy about. For the moment we just have to wait for the fourth season of Castlevania, which promises a far more galvanizing pace of events than we have seen in the past, but in the meantime the public has certainly not stopped praising the work.

On social media, in fact, it often happens that you come across fanmade works made with great care, cosplayers and designers, including Dan Ballestero, cosplayer who has decided to share his latest Castlevania-themed work on his Instagram profile. As seen in the news, cosplay showcases a more fit Trevor Belmont than ever, with a careful reconstruction of the clothing, however, also flanked by an expressiveness that perfectly embodies the character, a work of great class that, as easily imaginable, managed to win the praise of countless users.

Before saying goodbye, we finally remind you that in recent weeks the producer of the series has wanted to comment on the final of the third season of Castlevania.

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- "This whip? Ah, yes. It's sanctified. You know, for the demons, vampires, creatures of the night ... and bad girls". Some more "Saint Treffy" for your lives 🔥❤️😅 Moar like this will be part of my monthly bundles on P @ Tr30n (link in bio) and physical photo book ✨ Behave well, boys and girls! My whip is watching 🦇🗡️. 📸 Shot by @jannetincosplay ❤️. #trevorbelmontcosplay #trevorbelmont #castlevaniacosplay #castlevania #netflix #castlevanianetflix #cosplay #nordic #actor #model #photography #portrait

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