Pokémon Exploration is bringing back some of Ash Ketchum's historic Pokémon, ready to unite with the trainer not only for a cameo, but also to face some of the new challenges the protagonist will face in the next saga. Anipoke has announced the return of the old team, with the brand new trailer being featured below.

First, The clip confirms Mew's surprising return, previously featured in episode 46 of Pokémon Expeditions and now back on site for reasons unknown. Among other things, the return of Iris and Gary is confirmed, with the former willing to challenge Ash after 351 episodes since his last appearance. The trailer also seems to confirm that it will be there a rematch between the protagonist and champion Dandel, but it is much more likely that it is a different friendly match than an official match.

However, the second part of the video is certainly the most interesting one with Ash Ketchum surrounded by some of his ancient Pokémon including Charizard, Snorlax, Donphan, Talonflame, Bayleef and Heracross. The most likely hypothesis is that of another cameo, similar to the one shown in the last saga with the Alola team, but taking this into account in a different scene in the trailer Ash can be seen fighting alongside his infernapewe can confirm that at least one of his old Pokémon will be returning to the team temporarily.

And what do you think about it What other Pokémon would you like to return to on Ash's team? Let us know in the comments! For more info on the anime, check out the Pokémon Explorations New Episodes Summary.

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