The latest episodes of Pokemon: Explorations focused on Ash Ketchum's rise in the rankings in the World Coronation Series, one of the most relevant championships in the Pokémon universe. To promote his rise in the competition, a new key image dedicated to the eight Master Class Trainers has been released.

Due to some advances in future developments, Ash will have to deal with Laburnum, an extremely popular trainer in the Galar region, an expert in dragon-type Pokémon that will most likely be defeated by the protagonist. In the image available at the bottom of the page, actually between the eight strongest coaches of the tournament Laburno does not appear, and alongside Champion Dandel, Ketchum is prouder than ever, dominated by his trusty Pikachu.

A very significant key art that somehow contains the entirety of the Pokemon series shows Coaches from different regions and discoveries over the years while also representing the achievement of one of Ash's most important milestones. Appearing alongside Dandel and the protagonist, from left to right, are Lance with his shiny Gyarados, Alan with Charizard, Diantha and Gardevoir, Camilla and Garchomp, Rocco with his shiny Metagross and finally Iris with Haxorus.

Let us know what you think of the series' new key visual in the comments. Finally we leave you a beautiful cosplay of the trainer Misty.

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