With the arrival of The Knights of the Zodiac on Amazon Prime Video, the ANiME generation has reached a hundred. That didn't stop Yamato videowhich continues to publish anime series on the thematic streaming channel.

As officially announced on social media, the ANiME generation arrives Ken the Warrior: The Origins of the Myth. The series, previously aired on Manga TV Channel, adapts the prequel manga illustrated by Tetsuo Hara and written by Nobuhiko Horie under Buronson's direct supervision. This series follows the events of Kenshiro's uncle Kenshiro Kasumi as he ventures to Shanghai in the 1930s. At the moment we don't know if the second part of Re: Genesis will appear in the catalogue.

Following the home video distribution agreement with Eagle Pictures, Yamato Video continues to surprise with ANiME GENERATION. Paul's Fantastic World also arrives on Prime Video's paid channel, GORDIAN and Monciccì and Monciciò season 2.

Eventually it debuts too speed chartright Ten years after the end of the Bubble War, the line between wealth and poverty is widening. Saiga, a former war photojournalist, works as a freelancer in Tokyo. He occasionally works with a secret branch of the Shinjuku Police, which requires a challenging mission: to infiltrate the Roppongi Club, where he makes the acquaintance of Kagura.

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