The growth of Yu-Gi-Oh! resulted in profound changes from author Kazuki Takahashi's original idea. Despite this evolution, the first series starring Yugi and cards that have become iconic continues to have a special place in the community, receiving special merchandise and collectibles.

Among the various card game expansions that are released each year, there are regularly inserted versions and special decks for Remember the origins of the Yu-Gi-Oh universeand to date there have been countless remakes of cards like the Blue-Eyes White Dragon played by Seto Kaiba, the legendary Exodia the Forbidden and of course the Black magicianwhich has become a landmark of Yugi's decks.

And it is precisely to the Black Wizard that the artists of the Iron Kite studio wanted to dedicate the precious statue that you can see below, where it appears next to the protagonist, ready to unleash one of his powerful spells to remove life points from the opponent. is in the background the dark magic circleto whom a magic card has also been dedicated over the years.

From the spectacular base with special effects to the LEDs that illuminate the circle and go through the details with which the characters have been portrayed, the approximately 37 centimeters tall figure seems very well made. For prospective buyers, a pre-order is already possible on the manufacturer's website Price of 720 eurosto receive it in the first half of 2023.

Finally, keep in mind that a new Yu-Gi-Oh manga debuted recently, and we let you discover the dark origins of Season 0 of the anime.

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