The series of Pokémon exploration led protagonists Ash and Goh to travel to the numerous regions that make up the universe created years ago by Satoshi Tajiri, which was then deepened by the video games developed by Game Freak. According to the latest advances, it seems the two trainers will soon meet again in the knightly Kalos.

The Exploration series immediately showed itself differently than an iteration of previous seasons of the anime and was focused about the journey and research entrusted to Ash and Gohand after the countless adventures that took them to the Alola Archipelago, Kanto, Johto and back to Galar in episode 56 The two will meet again in the Kalos regionand you will meet one of the most important trainers.

As can be seen from the synopsis that @AnipokeFandom shared on Twitter, "While Ash is training Farfetch'd, Ren informs him Timeus the Elite Four the Kalos region seems to be looking for Pokémon and Trainers who want real strength. So Ash, followed by Farfetch'd, and Goh, followed by Scyther, headed for the Kalos region with the destination Castle fight. But what is the training organized by the Elite Four that is waiting for the two protagonists ?! "

Of course it's Timeus, trainer Expert in steel Pokémon, who often wears armorand it seems like a perfect opportunity to deepen the character who has never received special attention in recent seasons.

Recall that a mysterious Grookey is at the center of the episode preview, which airs on March 12th, and we're leaving you to a fantastic cosplay of Misty by the Russian Winry.

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