There are many groups in ONE PIECE that are of different types. There are of course the official groups like the Fleet of Seven, which is now being disbanded by the world government, or the four emperors who rule the New World. And then there are the groups that are related to other traits, such as: Eleven supernovas.

This is the name given to the generation of ONE PIECE young pirates who were introduced during the landing in the Sabaody Archipelago. We review many in the fight against Kaido, but have you ever wondered Who is the strongest supernova and which is the weakest?? Let's look at the top 11 of this ONE PIECE group.

Finally we add Capone Bege, the mafia-like pirate who uses a certain devil fruit. In a 1-on-1 battle, however, Capone Bege is the weakest of the supernovae as his paramisha 's strength is to use the crew instead. Immediately above it is Jewelry Bonney instead, a pirate with a very useful fruit that allows her to easily penetrate the enemy ranks, but also to fight, but despite everything, she has very limited attack potential compared to the others.

Instead, Scratchman Apoo wins ninth place. The pirate sold to Kaido attacks with sound waves, causing them to explode from a distance, embarrassing any enemy. Eighth place instead for killers, Kidd's right arm. Besides Zoro, he is one of the few non-captains in this group and shows good fighting skills. To the Instead, we use Urouge in seventh place, the corrupt monk who defeated Charlotte Snack, one of Big Mom's cute generals worth over 600 million, and turned himself into Cracker. The Sixth place goes to Basil Hawkins, the straw pirate who can rely on the skills of his devil fruit as well as that of a swordsman.

We enter the Top 5 with X-Drake, the navy infiltrator who can transform into a dinosaur and quickly became one of the strongest pirates in Kaido's group. Fourth place instead for Roronoa Zoro which after the last training in Wanokuni and the acquisition of Enma has become extremely dangerous even for an emperor. Instead, we find Eustass Kid at the entrance to Top 3, the wildest captain of the group. Although the magnetic pirate has lost an arm and suffered several defeats, he is always very dangerous and powerful. Silver medal for Trafalgar Lawwhich in 1 VS 1 can be fatal thanks to a very tactical, strong and versatile devil fruit.

The The first place could only go to Monkey D. Luffy, Protagonist of ONE PIECE and main opponent of the emperors. Between Haki and the power of the Gom Gom fruit, Luffy has very few rivals in the pirate world and has demonstrated this with various battles throughout history. What is your Supernova ranking?

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