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Mission:02 Goal: Get a wife

SPY x FAMILY Chapter two begins with the total rejection of Franky's role as a mother. On the other hand, we meet Yor, a government worker who doesn't have the best relationship with her colleagues. She has her own worries and that's that she has a job nobody knows about, she's an assassin. Fate leads to a meeting between Yor, Loid and Anya who, due to their own circumstances, decide to work together to help each other. Loid plans to go to a party where she pretends to be her boyfriend and then pretends to be Anya's mom for her school entry. Due to the lack of staff, Loid has to work the night of the party, so Yor goes alone, however Loid manages to arrive and supports her before her colleagues. Later when they leave, they are hunted by the enemies Loid previously faced, but they get rid of them and agree to keep their fake relationship going as long as the mission/kills require it.

A common goal

We continue on this mission to keep the peace and the next thing a family needs is a mother. The Eden School is not just any school, its requirements can be very specific and even conservative, so it is not surprising that a mother figure is imperative. Of course, this is just a stumbling block for our beloved Twilight, who is used to working alone. In short, with no other choice, I had to look for a woman who could be the ideal candidate. And for this near-impossible mission appeared Yor, a woman with a clean record, single, and who doesn't mind the fact that he's the father of a girl. Without a doubt, she is the ideal candidate, especially for Anya who, when she discovered her true profession, couldn't help but get even more excited.

For his part, Yor was at a crossroads because, despite his best efforts, he can't be entirely normal. Which has caused her to become somewhat distant from her peers and therefore puts them at risk of being suspected of espionage. Because of her age, everyone thinks it's weird that she has no partner, if not just because she's weird herself. Yor's situation is simple, she wants to show a normality that she doesn't quite understand, so her peers' words made her try to find a partner. On top of that, he doesn't want to worry his brother, so he thinks that if he had a partner, his brother's worries would go away.

Thus, both situations fit together to make Loid and Yor the ideal couple for this mission. Well, neither would interfere with the other more than necessary, they would serve their interests, and to be fair the lack of common sense on both is very much in line.

Assassin x Spy

While the mission's focus is still on raising a family to infiltrate the Eden School, this episode gives us our first look at Yor. She is a murderess by profession, so she has a very peculiar character. In addition to constant thoughts of murder, she has an unclear image of normality. Although she understands that her brother wants something like this for her in order to raise a family and be happy, she knows deep down that she can't. All her formative years as an assassin are always in the thick of it. Add to that the fact that her character has put her on the bad side of her peers, so she doesn't often get signs of kindness.

His meeting with Loid is a total change of pace. Not just because of the help offered, but because she genuinely recognizes him as a kind and trustworthy person. He becomes a light in the dark because not only can he dispel doubts about his identity, but he and his daughter Anya could be that touch of normalcy that he so eludes. The fact is that both Loid and Yor are a very complementary pair. Not only because they are a spy and an assassin, but also because of the covert nature of their work, they both fit together physically and mentally. Loid is very smart and capable while Yor is more innocent and goofy. Nevertheless, both are carried away by an unusual common sense that is typical of their profession. There is no doubt that the best couple was born.

Final comment

SPY x FAMILY Chapter two was a fun and thoughtful episode, best of all was finally meeting Yor and having the full family portrait. The chapter has followed the rhythm of the previous one, letting us carry a smooth and rhythmic rhythm between comedy and action, even adding its own drama. It is not enough to know the profession superficially, this episode tells us that. Yor is not a simple assassin, there is training behind her and a reason for this profession. It's not easy to keep up a facade either, especially when you're so committed to your job that you keep thinking about it. We can already see that Yor is a golden addition to this peculiar family of spies and espers.

Before we close this recap, let's talk about the opening that finally made its debut in this second installment. Starting with the music, "Mixed Nuts" by Official HIGE DANdism is an incredibly catchy song, it's upbeat and upbeat. The visual part is a delight, with a 60's cartoon style, with the contrast of modern art for a change. It was certainly a very wise choice. I'm full of praise for the opening, I loved it and I can't deny it. Aside from becoming more of a fan of the show's comedy, special attention goes to Anya's facial expressions, which are the best.

As far as the review goes, I'll leave the usual questions: What do you think of this chapter? What do you think of Yor after his debut? What other profession than an assassin could have fit into this strange family? In the time left do you think they will be ready for their debut as a pre-school family?

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