The next episodes of Pokemon: Explorations will focus on the finals of the World Coronation Series. The eight trainers of the master class will face each other in a series of certainly exciting fights that will most likely lead to the conclusion of the career of Ash Ketchum, protagonist from the beginning of the anime series.

Ash's path was riddled with wins and losses which made him tougher and allowed him to improve and achieve the title of Alola Champion and finish eighth in the World Championship. However, as he remembers Rica Matsumoto, Ash's historical voiceor rather Satoshi in Japanese, "Winning Isn't All It Takes to Become a Pokémon Master". Reflections, advice and enthusiasm are contained in the voice actors' messages, which you can find at the bottom of the page, translated by user @DogasusBackpack.

Kensho Ono, voice of Alan, showed great affection for the character he plays and found common ground with many viewers who have been waiting for years for the return of the rival met in Kalos. Concluding the messages included Tomo Sakurai, the voice of Camilla hoping to make their fight exciting, and Daisuke Ono speaking Dandel, and invites fans to follow closely the spectacular clashes that will mark the climax of the season. And what do you expect from the final battles? Tell us in the comments.

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