Yoshihiro Togashi knows how to grab attention and raise expectations dramatically. In a short time, he became the most followed mangaka on Twitter, and his constant updates on the drafts of the new chapters of Hunter X Hunter You'll receive thousands of comments and shares, creating an unstoppable chain reaction within the community.

Even though the author shares only the lower corners of the plates, which sometimes show drawings that are difficult to interpret, fans have come up with several theories, to which more are added with each new update. Above all, many fans joked about the division of the thirteenth table with various posts, of which you can find a small excerpt at the bottom Tempo maintained by the Sensei.

From those who exercise like Netero and throw 1000 punches a day while waiting for the manga to return, to those who use images from other series to recreate how Togashi photographs the pages every day, the reactions of the community are varied , but they all convey the same passion for Hunter x Hunter. You can also see below Plate number 14 shared today June 2nd by master. Finally, remember that well-known fast food chain KFC has also reacted to the return of Hunter x Hunter.

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