As Ash continues to perform well in the World Coronation Series, co-star Goh strives to rack up more and more medals in order to take part in the coveted Project Mew, one of the key research findings presented in Pokemon: Explorations and participate in the trainers from all over the world.

Good He has already taken on several challenges and expeditions to prove his worth as a researcher and coach, struggling in some situations and still managing to overcome them. However the requirements for participation in the project are becoming increasingly prohibitive. In episode 110 of the anime, a ranking of all the trainers involved was presented based on the medals each trainer received.

The protagonist He ranked seventh out of eight potential researchersbut to worsen his chances was the fight against Jonathan who became his rival as the series progressed and emerged victorious from the clash.

Later it became known that it is about staying in the running must have more than four medals, Goh currently has seven, but to be included in the next Expedition's group, he must fill one of the first three positions. Considering that, a potentially achievable goal, except for Gary Oak to the First place with 12 medalsthe other coaches have eight or nine medals.

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