The heroes' attack would stop Tomura Shigaraki forever and destroy the Supernatural Liberation Front from within. However, things did not go as planned and in My Hero Academy 6 The organization of Villain managed to fight back, causing panic and destruction in the heroes' society.

On both battlefields the situation is now unbearable for the heroes. If on the one hand Tomura Shigaraki demonstrates an unprecedented superiority even for the number one, on the other hand Gigantomachia and Dabi have the situation under control.

With the help of the Near High End Nomu, saved thanks to the control of the decay, Tomura manages to defend himself without too much trouble against the best attacks of Endeavor, who, however, is clearly manhandled by him. The only one bothering him is Eraserhead, due to its undo quirk. However, Deku and Bakugo intervene to save their professor. The target of My Hero Academia enemy is One For All and the battle with Midoriya is imminent.

Meanwhile, after hearing his master's words, Gigantomachia begins a frantic run in My Hero Academia. take advantage of the colossus Dabi and the rest of the Union flee Gunga's mountain residence.

Opposite Machi are Mount Lady, who despite her size is rejected like a leaf, are Kamui Wood and Midnight. The teacher, impressed by Mr. Compress, arrives killed by some villains Minors, but not before giving Momo Yaoyorozu one last command. The My Hero Academia student needs to create a narcotic Put Gigantomachi to sleepa and prevent him from rejoining Shigaraki.

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