With the second part of Attack on Titan 4 Studio MAPPA staged some key moments from Isayama's work. From the battle in Shiganshina to the Founding Giant's attack on Marley's nation, emotions ran high and many are already wondering what Part 3 of Attack on Titan - The Final Season will be like

Today, however, we're talking about a character who played a marginal role in Part Two of the Final Season: the Captain Levi Ackerman. In the finale of part one, he had taken extensive damage from the explosion of the lightning spears that were trapping Zeke in his chariot, only to be picked up and healed by him Hangji Zoe in the first episodes of the second part.

there Good smile companya Japanese company that makes action figures shared images of the new one Levi's Nendoroid after the explosionwhich you can see in @'s tweetAoTWiki at the end of this message. The figure, like the others in the Nendoroid range, features the chibi-style Captain with a blindfold and bandaged right arm. There are also two noticeable scars on his face.

Waiting to find out what will be the fate of Levi and the world Attack on Titan - The Final Season Part 3we leave you Eren's drawing for France by Isayama.

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