Commitment and willpower have allowed Ash Ketchum to take part in the World Coronation Series, one of the most prestigious championships ever organized in the Pokémon world. In episode 108 of Pokemon: Explorations The young coach, who started at Biancavilla 25 years ago, has taken a new important step in his career.

Knowing that he had to face Laburnum, Ash made his way to Kalos to find Greninja and face a special training thanks to him improve the connection with Lucario, and the sacrifices seem to have borne their fruit. As already anticipated in the new key visual released on May 7th, 2022, Ash managed to win the fight against LaburnumHe officially became the eighth strongest coach in the world today.

A result incredibly received by the community, which they shared shortly after the release of the episode in question their enthusiastic opinions on social networks, as you can see from the various posts at the bottom of the page. Many have attempted to trace Ash's development over the anime's seasons, particularly in relation to his skills as a trainer, while others have also acknowledged Ash's accomplishments Iris and AlanAlong with Ash, his trainers were among the best in the world.

Finally, we remember that according to Jun Owada, Ash's future is bright and we leave you a detail about the Mezase Pokémon Masuta acronym.

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