Volume 34 of My hero academy It has just been released in Japan and online fans continue to share and spread some of the special tables and pages included in the register for in-depth analysis. An illustration by Betten Court also appeared among additional information on Star & Stripe and Shigaraki's new design.

Before the last fight and the true final act of the seriesIn which the hero protagonists will most likely face off against the main villains led by Shigaraki, Horikoshi has returned to deal with the Todoroki family, telling the true past of Dabi and showing his self-destruction in the heated argument with his brother Shoto. And it is precisely the younger Todoroki, who will certainly also play a decisive role in the final battle, that Betten Court has dedicated the drawing below to.

The illustrator of the spin-off Vigilante: My Hero Academia Illegals He depicted Shoto as if he were a noble samurai with two katanas, likely related to the dual nature of his Quirk, and stated in the dedication that he had no particular reason to draw him that way. Let us know what you think of this Shoto tribute by leaving a comment below.

Finally we leave you with the other goodies of Volume 34 and the new design of All For One shown on Jump Giga.

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