With an Emperor slain by Kidd and Law, he remains only the pirate leader of the Hundred Beasts and Lord of Wano. Kaido fights in ONE PIECE for over a year of release, fueled by the flames of hatred raging across Onigashima.

Returning from the week off due to the Golden Week, ONE PIECE 1048 again shows Luffy preparing to hit Kaido with a really big punch, bigger than Onigashima. Momonosuke then needs to occupy himself and overcome his fears, so he starts giving head to the island and tries to move it. However, Kaido is not there and activates a new technique that completely ignites, causing a flame so intense that Luffy is forced to leave him. So begins the attack between the two, made even more powerful by the conqueror king's haki.

The flames in the castle continue to be extinguished as Kawamatsu looks back on some past events by starting a lengthy flashback that spans several pages. The moments after Oden's death are retraced when Kaido decides to go to Kozuki Castle and kills anyone in front of him, even simple civilians. The flashback then ends with thoughts of Orochi laughing at the thought of an abandoned and ruined Wano and thinking of taking Komurasaki to Hell. But suddenly Denjiro appears and cuts the snake in two, resulting in a final page of ONE PIECE 1048 Again, Luffy and Kaido face each other again.

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