The five twins of The quintessential quintuplets they are all different, although they come from the same mother and were born practically at the same time. Certainly they are not all very inclined to learn, even if there are those who try harder than others. The youngest twin in the birth order, Itsuki, pays the most attention.

Let's wait for the grand finale of The Quintessential Quintuplets, which will definitively close the story in an animated version, taking the five twins each on their own path and maybe the coveted Futaro Uesugi, let's see Itsuki Nakano cosplay. As her name suggests, which contains the kanji for "five" in Japanese, she is the last born twin sister of the quintet and also the first one Futaro has met recently.

She will have suffered an argument with him, but the girl is determined to improve her grades and is supported by the main character in various situations. Also in this realistic version designed by Aori Itsuki is more determined than ever to keep busy to achieve his dream of taking notes in the classroom so he can pass the exams without batting an eyelid. And if we move on to another twin, don't miss this cosplay of Nino, the second in the group of sisters.

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