The story of Itachi Uchiha got most of the fans involved and excited Naruto Shippuden. The sad adventure of the deserter from the Blattdorf was summarized in this fantastic collector's statue at a price of 530 euros.

The figure is still being produced in the CW studio. It is 38 cm tall and will be available for purchase later this year. Preview copies demonstrate the insane quality of this stunning collectible that will drive buyers to see the history of the most loved by the Uchiha.

From the innocent promise of the future of the Uchiha clan to the ruthless murderer of the ANBU special command of Konoha to a traitor of the Akatsuki. This, in layman's terms, the Taken away in life from Sasuke's brother.

This figure also manages to revive the feelings Itachi hadFrom the joy when he was still a child to his resignation in the Alba organization. Among the most notable details is the Sharingan, active under the ANBU mask, and his inevitable crows at the foot of the statue. And what do you think of this character and of Itachi's journey? Apparently Itachi had a girlfriend in Naruto. The art of Deidara in this other Naruto Shippuden collectible statue.

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