After winning the Pokémon League and becoming champion of the Alola Region, we didn't expect Ash Ketchum to suffer another defeat very soon, but it does seem that the Galar Trainers are much stronger than expected and have been following recently from Pokémon exploration The protagonist was beaten.

The new series immediately moved away from the classic battles against the sports directors to then gain access to the league of the region it is in, and that's why we saw Besides Gou, Ash travels numerous times and meets various opponentsthe final goal is a direct battle with Dandel, the champion of the League of Galar.

Given Ash's recent successes against other coaches, the protagonist wanted to keep up Fabia, an expert in fighting Pokémonand sports director in the town of Latermore. Introduced a few episodes ago, Fabia is characterized by a stern look and cold but competitive demeanor.

Confident of taking home another win, Ash underestimated Fabia, and faced Pokémon like Grapploct and Hawlucha who couldn't do much with his Galar Riolu and Farcetch'd. suffer such a heavy defeat. At the bottom of the news, you can find pictures and a comment on the clash shared by @AnipokeFandom.

Recall that it is very close to the arrival of Pokémon Explorations on the K2 Channel and that Pikachu could eventually evolve into Raichu.

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