In spite of Boruto In fact, a simple Genin, along with his teammates 7, Sarada and Mitsuki, faces many situations to call it the least dangerous, and the final chapters of the manga sequel to Masashi Kishimoto's work have shown that the terrible Isshiki arrived before the arrival of the terrible Isshiki Gates of the leaf village.

Naruto and Sasuke are the only ones who can stop Otsutsuki and are ready to risk their lives. The last one who wanted Uchiha, although the Hokage was against it involve his student in the mission against Isshikiand in order to do so, he seems to have implemented a plan very reminiscent of the plan that Sasuke himself and Naruto implemented against the swordsman Zabuza Momochi.

In the final tables of Chapter 49 we see Naruto fighting hard with Isshiki, inflicting multiple damage on Konoha. Suddenly Sasuke enters the scene and after throwing a series of shuriken at the opponent, throws a sword that turns out to be Boruto.

A similar strategy was in place when Kakashi was captured during the dangerous mission in the Fog Village. To free his master Sasuke attacked Zabuza with a huge shurikenwho was actually Naruto and so managed to surprise the enemy and free Kakashi from the water prison he was in.

Recall that chapter 49 also explained the origins of Boruto's damaged headscarf and recently a fan made a crossover picture between Boruto and the attack of the giants.

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