Ash Ketchum is getting closer to his dream. The semi-final victory of the World Coronation Series took the protagonist one step away from the title of champion and ignited the passion for fighting in the champion of the Sinnoh region, who appeared in episode 125 of Pokémon Exploration she let nostalgia wash over her.

Become one of the most important archaeologists and experts in the Sinnoh region, one of the most important for the past and origins of the Pokémon universe and also an exceptional coach Thanks to hard training and synergies with her companions, Camilla remains one of the most successful and powerful characters in anime. Before facing Ash, she had admitted that she had retired from the competitive scene, but luckily fighting the protagonist allowed her to feel the emotion and enthusiasm needed to convince her that she could still improve .

The passion Ash showed in the final moments of the fight also caused Camilla to reconsider her pastspent childhood next to her little Gible, then evolved into Gabite and finally Garchomp, who has always accompanied her in every challenge. A feeling, a deep friendship, which can also be read from the sequences shown below.

Finally, we leave you a fantastic collectible diorama of Pokémon and a mesmerizing cosplay of police officer Jenny.

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