ONE PIECE In the 23 years of its release, he has shown an impressive number of characters and locations, all of which are fundamentally different, but which could possibly be the basis for very interesting stories and which the author Eiichiro Oda rightly left aside for concentration, mainly on the Mugiwara.

Based on that, it is almost automatic to think of characters like Monkey D. Dragon and Monkey D. Garpfather and grandfather of the protagonist Luffy. While the former is intentionally wrapped in a mysterious veil during the narrative, with just a few brief pointers or thanks to the ties to Nico Robin and Sabo, Garp has surfaced several times, but his past has never been deepened in any particular way.

Be a deputy naval admiralGarp plays a fundamental role in the ubiquitous power games in Oda’s work, and like his nephew, he often does his own thing without following his superiors’ instructions. However, the life of the Vice Admiral doesn’t have to be easy considering that Both his son and grandson are currently among the most wanted men in the world.

In the past, but also recently with the story of Kozuki Oden, Oda has shown us long flashbacks that are more or less relevant characters, so the question arises because Master does not dedicate a entire narrative sheet to explore Garp’s youth and risewhat led to him being called “the hero” within the Navy?

Remember that chapter 985 of ONE PIECE may have introduced us to the new member of the Mugiwara and that Akainu received a magnificent statue of 400 euros.

It would also be interesting to see a rather introspective chapter dedicated exclusively to Garp and his worries about Dragon and Luffy. What do you think? Would you like a story arc that is entirely dedicated to Garp’s past? Let us know with a comment below.

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