After hundreds of episodes and adventures, in Pokemon Sun & Moon Ash has finally fulfilled his dream by winning the title of Champion of the Alola Region League. Few know, however, that this wasn't the protagonist's first official title win. His first triumph dates back to the first animated season.

With the League victory, Ash and Pikachu may soon be saying goodbye to the Pokémon series, but we need to take a step back first. During the very first adventure, Ash and his Primeape competed in the P1 Grand Prix, a.o Tournament dedicated exclusively to Fighting-type Pokémon. At this point, however, the protagonist was still an inexperienced trainer, and the monkey Pokémon did not respond to his commands in any way.

When Primeape was hit by a macho in the first match of the tournament, sending him flying out of the ring, Ash rushed to his rescue. Upon witnessing this touching gesture, Primeape decided to do it Trust his trainertakes him to the final.

Ash and Primeape's last opponents were the members of Team Rocket and their hitmonlee. After a crazy fight, Primeape emerged victorious and gave Ash his first champion belt. Therefore, contrary to the opinion of many, the legendary protagonist won his first title not in Alola, but in Kanto. Obviously the prestige of the two competitions is off the scales: The League is indeed the most important tournament in the Pokémon world. Pokémon 25th Anniversary follows the legendary Trainer's journey from start to finish. Will Ash be able to replicate in the Pokémon Exploration World Championship?

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