The spin-off manga Vigilante My Hero Academia – Illegals has reached its peak. A few steps away from the grand finale, Furuhashi and Betten Court reveal that Fate of two great protagonists. Koichi Haimawari's companions are still alive or have left him forever.

The intervention of the Number One Heroes resolved the Battle of Vigilante. All Might made it in collaboration with Endeavor and other Pro Heroes Stop the destructive madness of number 6. Present Mic proclaims the heroes' victory to the citizens and assures them to return to their homes.

As Eraserhead and others take care of the latest rescues, the scene changes as readers are updated on the Situation of Kunckleduster and Pop Step. Apparently both appear to have succumbed to their wounds and their souls appear ready to leave the mundane world.

We see that in the closing moments of the spinoff's Chapter 123, when Koichi finds himself in trouble again and Pop Step regrets not confessing his feelings both guards are saved. But now it is Crawler who is on the brink of death. In fact, Aizawa goes in search of him with concern. Koichi is apparently lying on the roof of a building.

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