A star of the summer 2020 and 2022 programming with two explosive, fun and exciting seasons, Rent-A-Girlfiend has been renewed for a third animated season. But when the next episodes of the story based on the manga by Reiji Miyajima will be released?

Rent-A-Girlfiend returns this summer with Season 3 of the anime produced by animation studio TMS Entertainment. Hired girlfriends will come back to haunt poor Kazuya Kinoshita's heart. But Who is the girl featured in the new Rent-A-Girlfiend 3 trailer?

In the third season of the animated Rent-A-Girlfiend, a new protagonist will debut who will support and hinder the breads of Chizuru, Mami, Ruka and Sumi. The new Promotional material from the anime series introduces viewers to Mini Yaemoria female character who will imply further sentimental dilemmas.

Yaemori is a student with a passion for cosplay who attends the same campus as Kazuya. Like Chizuru, Yaemori She is one of Kazuya's neighborswho therefore must keep the amorous rivalry between the two girls at bay.

Mami and Sumi seem to have no chance while Ruka fights a desperate fight for a place in Kazuya's heart. Chizuru is clearly the protagonist's favorite, but what will Yaemori's debut entail? Will the door-to-door fight between the girls change anything about Chizuru and Kazuya's relationship?

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