The Demon King of My Hero Academy it's getting more and more dangerous. If the various clashes with All Might had weakened his body and forced him to constantly wear an artificial respirator, in this final act of Kohei Horikoshi's All For One, he's in better shape than ever.

Although he had lost control of his second body, that of Tomura Shigaraki, which was supposed to allow him to give birth to a new dark era, All For One has never been so dangerous. What happens to the body of the symbol of fear?

All For One was defeated by Endeavor and Hawks not many chapters ago and played it all by taking advantage of one of the overhaul orbs derived from the Quirk: Eri's rewind. The Demon King's body has therefore suddenly returned rejuvenated, bringing the villain back to adulthood. By the way, do you know the age of All For One in My Hero Academia?

This process is not yet complete, as readers could well see from Chapter 382 of My Hero Academia. After suffering from the dark fury of Tokoyami and Dark Shadow, All For One knocks the rising hero Yuei out of his grasp with a huge explosion. As the flash of light fades, Fumikage notices All For One is even younger than before.

All For One is so rejuvenated that he almost looks like a contemporary of the UA Academy Class 1-A protagonists. However, this aspect must not mislead the heroes, since the alert level is at maximum. You think, Is All For One getting younger or is this the final phase?

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