Ash Ketchum and Pikachu are likely to be there The most iconic duo of the Pokémon anime. Ash is the protagonist of the series, a young Pokémon trainer who dreams of becoming the best Pokémon trainer in the world, while Pikachu is his faithful Pokémon companion, best friend and partner in all adventures.

During their adventures, Ash and Pikachu faced many challenges and met many friends and enemies. Together they traversed different regions, caught new Pokémon, participated in competitions and defeated many opponents. Their friendship and special bond have been the focus of the series from the start. However, after more than 20 years of adventure, Ash and Pikachu recently bid farewell to anime with the latest episode of Pokémon Explorations.

However, one cannot believe that Pikachu is absent from the Pokémon anime, with the yellow mouse remaining the brand's most famous creature. There are already plans in Pokémon Horizons to include another character of this form. There are several characters coming to Pokémon Horizons and Among them is Captain Pikachu.

This new series will see the debut of the Rising Volteckers, a group of people led by Friede who research Pokémon. Captain Pikachu is Peace's Pokémon and appears as a classic Pikachu, but with a captain's hat, and with a much more confident and determined demeanor Pictures below from Pokémon Horizons then Friede himself can be seen, an older new trainer with dark skin and white hair.

In a few days, the role of this group of characters and especially the new Pikachu from the anime.

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