Eva-01 is one of the main elements of the cult anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Eva-01 is a 40-meter-long humanoid fighting machine powered by a nuclear reactor, designed to fight the mysterious beings known as angels who are being exploited by Shinji Ikari, the series' protagonist.

This gigantic purple robot is one of the most famous mechas in the anime world, not only thanks to its special abilities that allow it to do so face the angels of Neon Genesis Evangelion always differs between physical attacks and ranged weapons, but also because of the immense popularity that was gained after some secrets about its origin and behavior.

So essentially Shinji Ikaris Eva-01 is one of the main characters of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series, although it's not as sentient as the boy driving it. It is therefore no coincidence that even years after its first presentation in the world of anime, objects depicting him continue to be produced. The Shinji's Eva-01 figures They have actually been around for some time and will continue to be, but there are very few that compare to the work of Jimei Palace and Weta Workshop.

Their collaboration brought this about Statue of Eva-01 from 1200 euros: 72 centimeters high and available in spring 2024, sees the purple robot at the peak of its rage, with explosions, an arm - also modifiable, as seen in the photos below - outside the metal armor and a domineering angel powerless against exaggerated power of this gigantic and fearsome creature. Bandai produced the metal Eva-01, while there is an inspired tram in Kyoto.

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